Hawaii has a long history of raising rabbits for meat.


Japanese immigrants, Chinese immigrants, and military personnel from the South all brought with them their own unique recipes for rabbit. The demand was so high that many households were able to supplement their income by raising rabbits for their neighbors and local eateries.


During the 40s, local families raised rabbits to compensate for rationing and to trade for goods.


In fact post war raising of rabbits was so popular in the 50s and 60s that University of Hawaii maintained it’s own rabbit breeding facility and published informational pamphlets to advise and support breeders.

Advantages of raising rabbits for meat:

  • Can be fed locally grown forage, so they are not dependent on shipments of feed from the mainland.
  • Require very little space when compared to cows, pigs, or goats.
  • Do not require special space, equipment or facility to prepare.
  • Provide meat which is easy to store in the refrigerator.
  • Are quiet.
  • Do not have a strong odder.
  • Produce droppings that are easy to manage and can be used as fertilizer.